Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Acts of Entitlement....

I guess this would be the closest category. Spotted about 1 month ago, on the corner of Waltham and Shawmut: What appeared to be the very blonde and white offspring of some overprivileged yupple (yuppie couple) in a very high-end stroller being pushed by an African American young woman who was probably the nanny. As the woman pushed the little tyke, she yelled into her cell phone just about every obscenity I've ever heard (and I've heard 'em all).

This is by no means a criticism against African Americans or any other minority. In fact, I'd probably choose to spend my free time with the above-referenced nanny rather than a yupple that didn't seem to think careful interviewing was necessary in their choice of child care professional.

On the other hand, I can't wait for next summer's Ropes & Gray family summer outing when junior shouts "listen, motherfucker" to the managing partner. On the ride back to West Canton Street, I 'll bet you'll be able to cut the silence in that Range Rover with a knife!!