Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mayhem In Our Streets....

From the South End Crime Beat: Last Friday night, a drive-by "saffroning" occurred in front of Aquitaine Restaurant on Tremont Street. Witnesses say they saw a late model Range Rover slow down in front of the well-known establishment in the center of "Restaurant Row" and then they heard the unmistakable sound of saffron threads hitting the pavement. Law enforcement officials are also speculating that the same perpetrator was involved in a drive-by "creme-fraiching" that took place on Thursday evening a few blocks away near Formaggio's on Shawmut avenue. Although no one was injured in either attack, several diners found saffron threads in dishes that did not really call for the subtle, buttery-yellow flavor, and residents of the "Eight Streets" neighborhood are calling for additional dining protection. One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, stated "until we find out who did this, we all have creme fraiche on our hands".

It is not known whether this spree is related to this summer's "Foie Gras" incident on Union Park in which several parked cars were targeted with inferior quality versions of the tasty goose liver pate. Residents are being asked to dine in groups, not alone, and to be extra-vigilant while dining and even making reservations.


Anonymous Rhea said...

Hohoho! I actually got an egg thrown at my car this weekend while I was in New Bedford. I am pretty sure it was a chicken's egg, though, not quail or anything fancy like that.

December 7, 2006 at 6:20:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...







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