Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where to put my Volvo (Part 2)....

In my last posting, I discussed the ongoing clash over a proposed new soccer field at the Hurley School in the South of End. In a nutshell, the school wants to take down a parking lot to make way for a soccer field for its students and the surrounding yuppies are in an uproar over losing "their" parking spaces (which in actuality belong not to them but to the school). Although with this being the South End, the neighboring residents feel a certain sense of entitlement (which applies to most non-parking lot issues as well).

I was perusing an issue of the South End News and I have compiled a list of the reasons these yuppies are giving in order to protect their parking spaces, which begs the question: Wasn't there a logical reasoning section on the LSAT's??!! (assuming that at least 50% of the current yup-enders went to law school).

1. Residents who have been renting their parking spaces will lose rental income when they have to take back their spaces for their own use. As I see it, if you live here and own a parking space, I can't feel much sympathy for your financial situation. Maybe a few less dinners at Stella and Aquitaine can make up for the loss of income.

2. As the lot is withing close range of residences, the neighbors are "wondering" what will be the impact of noise and lighting. I guess we've all heard about those elementary school students and their midnight pickup soccer games. I have a feeling that a bunch of 7-year-olds playing soccer will not affect the evening rituals of most adults in the South End. This is another subterfuge for " we don't want to lose our constitutionally-mandated right to overnight parking in the South End."

3. Neighbors are asking if a playing field is the best proposed use for recreational space for the children. No, a crack dealership would be good too, but apparently some industrious souls in the neighborhood have already thought of that one.

4. Is the proposed field going to to have an appearance that is an asset to the community rather than an eyesore? Yeah, bud, the parking lot is really pretty....That green grass associated with soccer fields is just offensive. Personally, I like the way that broken glass sparkles on the asphalt now.

Maybe they should just have valet parking for S.E. residents?!! I think that could work.