Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yet more proof that this neighborhood has become a playground for the young, straight and overprivileged: Last night, a neighbor who lives two floors beneath me (and has "outdoor space," as they call it) had another one of her parties that I can only assume invloved a keg and several guys in rugby shirts named Sean.

We have some clearly-explained "quiet hours" in our condo doc's. Basically, they state that you can't make any unreasonable noise after 11:00 p.m. Now I'm no prude - I don't care about a party on a weekend, but unfortunately my neighbor (who we will call "Kristen") (because that's her real name) feels the need to polish up her hostess skills on weeknights. So far, I have been awakened by unruly drunken guests and loud music blaring outside on her patio on a Sunday night (ok, Monday morning) at 3:30 a.m., again on a Tuesday at 3:30 am and last night until about midnight (which I guess is an early night for her - I should be thankful).

Turns out it was someone's birthday (Kristen is 21 years old, as I was able to discern) and someone named "Tony" was puking on the patio. All this in a $700,000 condo that mommy and daddy apparently bought for her. I can only hope that Tony puked into her Uggs.

When this happened a few weeks ago at 3:30 am, I shouted out the window and asked her to keep it down, as it was 3:30. Her response? "I OWN here - I can do whatever I want. If you don't like it, shut your f%$#in' window." Who says money can't buy you class?!!

The saddest part is that the (straight) couple that lived there previously could not have been nicer or more considerate. Not only were they ridiculously attractive in a hollywood movie star sorta way, but they mixed freely and socialized with the gay folk in the neighborhood, as well as the straight, the young as well as the old. Now we have another spoiled 21-year old brat in the neighborhood with an attitude typical of the new yuppie influx. Why isn't she living on Comm. ave. in Brighton where she belongs?!!!