Friday, December 07, 2007

Quick Posting....

Ok, technically this link for a new residential "lought" development has nothing to do with the South End, but it could happen here if we're not careful. Check out:

And do not skip the intro. This is every South End realtor's wet dream. Imagine: a relaxing oasis where like minded people can mingle without judgment.

Also: Restrained elegance combined with luxury that knows no restraint.

If you were somehow to take away the references to New York and add something about artists living or having lived there once, it could very well be in the South End.

Something like "Palette Knife 580: Velvet rope living in a faux-bohemian artists enclave, your "lought" can be customized by one of our top designers to reflect your status. . . . steps away from restaurant row. . . . granite, maple and stainless steel."

And because this is Boston, I should explain that the website is a complete hoax, developed by a bunch of creative advertising types in NY (damn - should have saved it for my April Fool's posting).

Go ahead, you've earned it!! (Perhaps my least favorite phrase in the English Language. Seldom has anyone at whom that phrase is directed actually earned anything of note).