Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Priorities of the Overprivileged....

From today's Boston Globe: South End businesses are coming together to celebrate the first officially sanctioned dog park in the city. South Enders have raised over $160,000 so far for the park, which will include amenities such as "doggie water fountains" and a "walk-of-fame dedicated to deceased canines."
Because that's a priority. For overprivileged yuppies. Of course the announcement to convert a South End parking lot into a soccer field for elementary school children (see previous posts) was met with wrath and almost maniacal opposition by some South End residents. However, a playing field for dogs merits praise and fundraising efforts.
$160,000 plus for doggie fountains and a creepy walk of dead-dog fame, within blocks (if not feet) of how many homeless shelters (you know, those icky places behind the new Sushi restaurant)??!! I guess when a homeless person dies in the South End there's no fanfare, but god forbid some yuppie's dog dies....
Too bad the field in question hadn't previously been a parking lot. The privileged doggie crowd vs. the entitled parking spot crowd. I would have paid good money to see that battle!
Apparently, here in the South of End, dogs are more important than children (you know, those things named Brianna and Madison that you had to get a nanny for). I can only hope that someone's Burberry-plaid leash gets yanked a little too tightly around somebody's Uggs, causing some doggie owner to topple over, whacking his or her head on an embedded brass star on the new dead-doggie walk-of-fame pavement thereby hopefully knocking some sense into it.

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