Sunday, November 05, 2006

Its Worse Than We Thought....

Rumor has it that the Waltham Street space formerly occupied by gift shop extraordinaire Tommy Tish is in fact now being added to the Butcher Shop/Plum Produce empire. My worst nightmare (see previous post) has come true. "She," however, has allegedly not yet decided on a concept for the space. Thesouthendisover readers are invited to come up with possible suggestions for this small but soon-to-be-swanky piece of prime retail space.

My suggestions: How 'bout not just a high-end produce store, but an extremely high end produce store to pick up where Plum Produce has left off. Instead of a pedestal with, say six (6) heirloom tomatoes, there could be a pedestal with one (1) really high quality heirloom tomato.

Or maybe a very small cafe where purchasers of heirloom tomatoes can relax and contemplate their purchases while nibbling on heirloom tomato snacks and socializing with their fellow high-end produce lovers? How about an Uggs franchise/heirloom tomato emporium? A Maclaren dealership?

Come on - help me out here!!