Thursday, May 10, 2007

300 Square Feet, Magnificent Dog Park Views....

This magnificent space in a prime South End location is (or perhaps was) for sale. Imagine building your own South End townhouse, pied a terre or artist's loft!! The possibilities are endless!!
Actually, I can't figure out if it is for sale or has already been sold. There was a realtor's sign planted on the property for some time, which is now knocked over and lying in the dirt. Either it was sold or more likely someone with common sense kicked it down, overcome with disgust upon the realization that pretty much any plot of land in this part of town, no matter how small or poorly-located, will sell to someone. As my mom used to say (and generally not in a complimentary way), "every pot has its lid". In this case, every last available square foot of South End property has its Uggs-wearing buyer.
Any ideas for what "endless possibilities" (South End realtorese for "we don't know what the hell to do with it, either") await this prime piece of land? Could it possibly be used for anything other than motorcycle parking? I can only dream as to the following:
An heirloom tomato shoppe. A nail salon. An au pair suite. Valet stroller parking concession. Foie Gras "R" Us. "Artist Loft-style" condos for very small people. A dog-rolfing spa. A dog bar.
Readers are invited to submit their own suggestions.